Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insures Physicians, Accountants, Engineers, Attorneys, Insurance Agents and Brokers, and various other professionals against liability arising out of their professional acts or omissions.

In part because of this expansion in the number of occupations exposed to professional liability, this exposure is also known as "Malpractice" or " Errors and Omissions". Malpractice Liability is commonly used to describe liability in connection with professions that involve contact with the human body, ranging from physicians and beauticians. "Errors and Omissions Liability" is more likely to be used to describe professional liability for occupations such as attorneys, Insurance Agents, and Engineers. However there is no consistent use of the terms, and in some cases they are used interchangeably. Professional Liability, however, is generally understood to include all of these exposures. 

Professional Liability therefore is not restricted to the traditional professions, rather professional liability can be defined as the liability for the failure to use the degree of skill expected of a person in a particular field. The list of occupations that have professional liability exposure is expanding, including such recent additions as computer programmers and management consultants.

The word "profession" was associated historically with the occupations known as the learned professions -- law, medicine, education, and the clergy. However as the society has become more complex and specialized, the number of occupations requiring extensive technical knowledge or training has increased dramatically.

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